Our Resources

Everything we do is built around your needs. How you work with us is up to you. Find out more. Call 07977 500 819.

Lomax will find you the best person for your project or role simply, quickly and efficiently. You can be confident of the extensive industry knowledge and specialist skills of the highly qualified professionals working directly with you.

Extensive network

Our associate network of professionals allows us to deploy the right people for the right situation at the right time for you. At Lomax we can provide the most appropriate solution drawing from our extensive network established over the years.

Delivery focused

Our resources deliver solutions which are borne out of a real understanding of your project needs, your business and corporate culture. We’re old fashioned, we like to get to know our clients and consultants and assess the best fit with the company. Our focus is on key deliverables, milestones and benefits and the threats to them.

Immediately effective

Once in place our professionals quickly form credible relationships in order to deliver value for your organisation. Whether working as part of an integrated team or providing individual services our specialists offer technical excellence, sector expertise and professional conduct. Our people hit the ground running.

Flexible and skilled

We will present for your consideration the most promising people with the most appropriate practical experience for your project or role. You can be confident of their qualifications and suitability to the role.